Timo Lieber – The Best In Aerial Photography 2

Timo Lieber – The Best In Aerial Photography

Timo Lieber – The Best In Aerial Photography

Is there a better way to capture the earth’s beauty than through aerial photography? Once you see Timo Lieber’s impressive works of art, you’ll agree there cannot be, as his images will leave you speechless time and time again.

The German photographer has been shooting the world from the sky for years, and has had his work featured in The Guardian, The Washington Post, CNN, NASA, New Scientist, and the BBC.

He began to receive industry recognition for his unique photography after winning the International Pano Award (Australia) in 2013. Many other accolades followed, including International Photography Awards (US), National Geographic, PX3 Prix de la Photographie, Sony World Photography Awards in the UK, and the Global Arctic Awards in Russia.

In 2016, Lieber, based in London, made headlines by showing the capital’s impressive sights at night from the view of a helicopter.

He set off in the twin-engine chopper and hovered above the city to take pictures of its most famous illuminations, including Piccadilly Circus, The O2 Arena, The Shard, Knightsbridge, and the Tower of London.

Shooting in wintertime, he also managed to picture London’s annual Winter Wonderland, lit in an array of bright colours as visitors enjoyed the festive fair in the lead-up to Christmas.

At the time, he wrote on his website: “I am always on a look out for strong geometrical elements to photograph and London’s somewhat chaotic street pattern throws in a perfect challenge.”

He added: “Although captured in every finest detail, the subjects of my large-scale photographs are often shrouded in mystery.”

Lieber said he wants people to keep “discovering hidden details” every time they look at one of his photographs.

Although the images of London at night captivated people, his Thaw exhibition is perhaps his most famous and impressive to date.

On display at Bonhams in London at the beginning of 2017, his photos of the arctic have reached more than 30 million people.

Lieber joined forces with the Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge to tell the story of melting ice caps in the Arctic. He shot in Greenland during the summertime to capture mesmerising images of the snowy backdrop with sharp cracks of blue water breaking through the landscape.

The pictures of deep blue juxtaposed with the ice white aren’t just breath-taking, they are a visual representation of climate change.

Speaking with The Guardian, the photographer said: “My favourite [photo] is the one that looks like an eye. It’s a half-circle of concentric blues at the top of the image – it’s almost as if global warming is looking right back at you.”

He added: “A landscape you’d expect to be pristine white is just littered with blue.”

While this lends itself to beautiful photographs, Lieber’s message was also to highlight the impact of climate change, telling the public that Greenland is losing 380,000 million tonnes of ice every year.


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