Framing Advice / Measuring


Measuring Artwork

Measure the width and height of your artwork in mm and then enter these on the form. We will add the extra measurements for float mount and confirm size of window mount.

If your artwork has a white border already around it, you will have to decide if you want to see this border or not. If you want to see it, measure the full size of the paper it is on. If you want a window mount to cover the border, measure the size of the  artwork, excluding the border.

Please note that all artwork framed flat (edge to edge) will have a the frame overlap the artwork by approx 5mm. This is what holds the artwork in place. If you want to see the full artwork then you should consider ‘float mounting’

When window mounting please note the  mount will overlap your artwork by about 4mm on each side.

Please always handle your artwork with two hands on opposite sides of the frame, don’t pull the frame from any one side

Where to hang

Keep your artwork out of direct sunlight (unless UV glass has been used) and excessive humidity whenever possible.

Most pictures are meant to be viewed at eye-level. Groups of pictures can be laid out on the floor to arrange layout before hanging


Dust your frames regularly to avoid accumulation of dirt over time

For glass cleaning, remove the piece from the wall and lay on a flat surface. Spray glass cleaner onto lint-free cloth and NOT directly onto glass as to prevent liquid from seeping behind glass. Dry with a lint-free cloth. Glass should not be cleaned with water or other cleaning materials