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We offer an edited collection of frame styles and materials. Curating our range this way means we can keep our prices down and our waste minimal, good for our customers and the planet. We also offer canvas stretching, tray frames and aluminium frames, just enquire for more information

You can see examples of them in our Gallery

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Hand Finished Frames

Solid Wood Moulding

We offer two categories, our  ‘Hand–Finished’ solid wood frames or the more economical ‘Gallery’ factory sprayed range.

Our hand-finished range of frames are made in solid oak, ash or tulip. All of our wood is FSC Certified (Forest Stewardship Council), using sustainable mills and timber. Our solid wood profiles are filled and sanded for a smooth, perfect finish and then finished with a either a wax or matte varnish.

Our general offering is of three shapes, slim, box and square. We try and keep things simple but can offer a lot more moulding shapes upon request

Slim (Oak) - Width 12mm x 19mm Height

Box (Oak) - Width 15mm x 31mm Height

Square (Oak) - Width 21mm x 21mm Height

Box (Lime Wash) - Width 15mm x 31mm Height

Slim (Stained Oak) - Width 12mm x 19mm Height

Hand Painted Moulding

We can hand paint any of the above moulding profiles to any colour to suit your tastes. The profile is sanded for a smooth finish, then given 2 – 3 coats of paint with a light sand between coats and a final coat of matte varnish. We can paint ash wood for a smooth finish, or ash wood for a grain finish.

We can paint to almost any colour and have samples to suit every taste. Here are some examples of colours we’ve used recently

Yellow - (Ash / Grain)

Blue - (Tulip / Smooth)

Red - (Tulip / Smooth)

Olive - (Tulip / Smooth)

Black - (Ash / Grain)

Aquamarine - (Tulip / Smooth)

Standard Frames

Standard Moulding

Our ‘Gallery’ range are factory-sprayed softwood mouldings and offer a more affordable alternative to the hardwood and hand-finished range. They are still solid wood frames and not the reconstituted biscuit materials that some other larger frame manufacturers use! These come in black or white and three different profile options.

Slim Width 13mm x 16mm Height

Box Width 15mm x 25mm Height

Square Width 20mm x 20mm Height

Moulding Colour

Hand-finished frames are available in either solid oak and ash or hand-painted to any colour. These frames are glued and joined, filled for a smooth finish and then sanded. We finish our frames with a matt wax, while the hand-painted frames are given two coats of paint with a sand in between for a smooth finish and finally a matte varnish.

The Gallery range is available in either black or white.

Want something we don’t have? Just get in touch and we can source it for you. We work with all the main moulding manufacturers


Natural Oak. Hand-Finished Only.

Lime Wax

Lime waxed Tulip wood.

Dark Stain

Stained Oak or Ash Finish. Available in a range of stains. Hand-Finished Only.

Colour Match

Hand-Finished Only. Any colour of your choice, we can order a sample pot of any paint manufacturer.

Black / White

Hand-Finished or Gallery.


Mounting is how the artwork sits within the frame, we offer three main options.

If you’re looking to have your artwork press mounted (hot or cold), we can also offer this. This is when your artwork is adhered to a backing board (eg foam board, mount board, aluminium etc). This offers a flatter look but is not reversible so may not be suggested for more valuable pieces of artwork. If you’re not sure just get in touch and we can advise.


Also known as edge-to-edge or no mount. This is when the artwork fills the whole frame. We mount the artwork onto a piece of conservation backing board and use a spacer to keep the artwork off the glass. Works well with posters and images that already have a border.


This is the classic mounting method. A window is cut out of a piece of mountboard and the artwork sits behind it. This method works well with photos and can be a way to make smaller prints stand out in larger frames. We can suggest mat board sizes to suit your artwork.


This mounting style gives the appearance that artwork is floating off the mount board, creating a small shadow gap all around it. Works well when artwork needs to be seen right up to the edges and is a popular contemporary option. The artwork is kept off the glass with spacers.

Back of the Frame

We use fluted conservation-grade backing board which has a water resistant barrier and keeps the finished frame lighter. For smaller frames we use a riveted hinged hanger which is easy to hang and make level. For larger frames we use a number of hangings that offer extra support and make sure the frame won’t lose structure over time.


We offer a variety of options for glazing (from most economical to most expensive) — standard ‘float’ glass, 99% UV protective glass and three anti-reflective options with 70% UV, 92% UV and 99% UV protection. If you’re looking other glazing options like acrylic, this can also be arranged.