Is Russell Young The New Andy Warhol?

Is Russell Young The New Andy Warhol?

There are not many artists that can be spoken about in the same breath as Andy Warhol but Russell Young is certainly one of them, creating silk screens of cultural icons that showcase the dark side of fame.

The American-British artist started his craft after enrolling at Chester Art College and Exeter College of Art, before relocating to London to launch his career in commercial photography.

Before long, he was living in the USA directing music videos, but was drawn back to painting. By 2003, he had made a name for himself with his iconic collection called Pig Portraits. These were a series of silk screens of iconic celebrity mugshots that depicted the more challenging and brutal elements of being world-famous.

Art historian John Finlay extolled Young’s talent, saying his pieces are “expressive of the shock and awe of fame, or those in close proximity to its glare and grit”.

Among the icons he has used for his paintings are Marilyn Monroe, Kurt Cobain, David Bowie, Elvis Presley, Elizabeth Taylor, and Bridgette Bardot, who all faced their own difficult journey as they navigated superstardom.

For those who haven’t seen his work, Artsy explains: “The artist recontextualises their iconic appearances in high-contract palettes, often interweaving them with diamond dust to heighten their glittery, sensual allure. In other works, shellac drips and smears in a visceral, wound-like manner.”

Over the years, his talent has become recognised by the likes of Brad Pitt, Kanye West, and Elizabeth Taylor herself, who have all bought his works. He has also showcased collections around the world, including New York, Vienna, Paris, Shanghai, London, and Los Angeles.


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