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When Art Meets Science: Andy Moses

When Art Meets Science: Andy Moses

The school of thought is that people are either creative or scientific, but abstract painter Andy Moses proves you can be both, blending his artistic side with an interest in chemical reactions.

Born in 1962 in California, the American painter has been creating masterpieces for the last four decades. He was featured in his first group exhibition at Artists Space in 1986, before securing a solo exhibition at Annina Nosei Gallery in New York just a year later.

Since then, his work has gone international, with his paintings taking pride of place in galleries around New York, Los Angeles, and the rest of the world.

What makes his pieces stand out from the rest is he uses chemical reactions, interferes with the viscosity of different liquids, and produces different images by testing gravity dispersion.

Speaking to White Hot Magazine of Contemporary Art, Moses admitted: “I almost went into the scientific world when I was young … It’s always in the back of my mind and the way I make paintings is kind of scientific. Basically, I experiment and try to figure out how paint flows.”

Moses tries to use the unique scientific techniques to create images that replicate events in nature.

His latest work was featured at Sponder Gallery in Miami between November 29th and December 4th 2022. Prior to this, he took part in the I Love The Light in California group exhibition opening reception on November 26th. Other artists who showcased at the event included Elizabeth Orleans, Ruth Pastine and Kelly Berg.


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