See Light In A New Way With Oliver Marsden 2

See Light In A New Way With Oliver Marsden

See Light In A New Way With Oliver Marsden

Abstract art fans should head to one of Oliver Marsden’s exhibitions to see something really unique, as the artist is renowned for his series of pieces that reveal light and colour to us in an unique way. 

Born in 1973, it didn’t take long before Marsden knew he had a creative talent, and enrolled in a foundation art course in 1992. He managed to be involved in his first group exhibition three years later, and has held solo exhibits since 1997. 

He has a particular style of artistry, saying: “[I try] to make substance seem immaterial, to create a virtual perceived space in the mind of the viewer.”

Marsden focuses on different ideas for each series, and creates different abstract prints, paintings and drawings. 

He has been part of art fairs around the world for the last ten years, including ones in Mexico, Dubai, Turkey, Japan and London. The painter has also managed to secure international exhibitions, featuring in LA, Michigan and Japan, as well as the UK. 

According to “Oliver Marsden transforms light, colour, sound, vibrations, water, and other sensations and natural phenomena into pigment and line on canvas or paper, exploring and celebrating the process of perception.” 

Marsden creates his art by being inspired by nature, science, Buddhism, light and space. His unique style has garnered a lot of interest over the years, so much so that he has won numerous awards, as well as securing several public commissions in the capital.  

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