Kate Brinkworth Brings Contemporary Art To Life 2

Kate Brinkworth Brings Contemporary Art To Life

Kate Brinkworth Brings Colourful, Contemporary Art To Life

Artist Kate Brinkworth has set herself apart from other painters thanks to her brightly coloured images that look like they could come straight out of a film.

The Brit, who lives in central England, has been creating her works of art since graduating in 2000, wowing crowds with her colourful images of cocktails, dice, spirit bottles, and film stills.

“I have always been fascinated by stories and have a deep love of film, which combines the two elements I thrive on the most: imagery and narrative,” Kate explains.

She is fascinated by how colour, light, camera angles, focus, objects, location and shadows can capture the audience’s imaginations.

As her website states: “Her work centres on the allure of colour and light, the seductive appeal of vice and the hypnotic language of film.”

The mother managed to get her first exhibition three years after graduating in 2003, showing her works of art at the Mark Jason Gallery.

Following this, she secured a display at the Alon Zakaim Gallery in Cork Street, Mayfair, which she has exhibited in since.

It is not just England that has fallen in love with her colourful, contemporary work though, and she has exhibited in the US, Sweden and Paris too.

In 2015, she was commissioned by Coca-Cola to celebrate the centenary of the Coke bottle. As part of her collaboration with the soda brand, she has produced prints of the iconic bottle in a variety of colours and with different straws, bottle tops and even sweets.

Brinkworth has also collaborated with Penske & Experian, Supreme &  Purling in London, and Winsor & Newton, which produces art tools. For the latter, she hosts workshops, demonstration videos, and lectures for budding painters.

Kate’s work also includes lecturing at different universities, and getting involved in auction houses, such as Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Phillips de Pury and Bonhams.

Her newest project has seen the artist create small 2D disco balls that look so authentic, many would believe them to be three-dimensional.

She perfectly captures the reflection of light on the mosaic glass mirrors and the infusion of colour across the whole image.

Fans of her work can also get their hands on silkscreen and giclee prints from her original paintings, such as her Coca Cola pieces.

Both the giclee prints, which have a gloss layer, and the handmade silkscreen ones are part of limited editions.

Therefore, anyone who buys them should make sure they head to framers in North London so they can get the perfect frame for Brinkworth’s iconic works of art.

Kate often shares her latest pieces on her Instagram page, where she has 1,768 people following her.

She also posts videos, reels and updates on her new work and exhibitions, so fans can find out what exciting projects are getting her creative juices flowing.

The artist also includes paintings that some might not have seen when at her exhibitions.