Cinematic Still Life: The Photorealism Of Kate Brinkworth 2

Cinematic Still Life: The Photorealism Of Kate Brinkworth

Cinematic Still Life: The Photorealism Of Kate Brinkworth

The British artist Kate Brinkworth is best known for her glossy photorealist productions of everyday objects such as glassware, dice, and confectionery. With a mesmerising eye for lighting, colour, and detail, her paintings are truly memorable. 

Brinkworth was born in 1977 and studied art at Nottingham Trent University, graduating in 2000. Success came soon afterwards, with a London solo exhibition in 2001. Speaking about her work, Brinkworth has said that she is highly influenced by cinematography and in particular the film noir genre.

Her fluency in the language of film runs through the core of her work, with perfectly composed mise en scene pieces and a focus on camera and lighting angles. She arranges an eclectic selection of objects that are reminiscent of the Pop Art era in their combination of the ordinary and the iconic.

Brinkworth will then enhance certain elements of her subject matter with her extraordinary ability to translate the play of light onto canvas. Her work brims with deliberately oversaturated colours, which creates glossy textures that you want to reach out and touch. 

Despite the photorealist nature of her work, it leaves a lot up to the imagination of the viewer. There is a hint of a late-night casino table; a couple of abandoned cocktail glasses with melting ice cubes and collapsed paper umbrellas; an empty cola bottle with a candy striped straw: suggestions of a story or a still from a film that take you on an inner journey.

This is still life at its very best: complete technical mastery and the emotive eye of a natural storyteller. Pleasingly retro yet contemporary, these artworks will capture your eye and your imagination.

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