Affordable Art Fairs: Making Buying Art More Accessible 2

Affordable Art Fairs: Making Buying Art More Accessible

Affordable Art Fairs: Making Buying Art More Accessible

Buying an original piece of artwork is a significant investment for most of us, and often work of the best and most popular artists is well above our price bracket. However, the art world is gradually becoming more accessible to the ordinary person, and there are now several ways to buy affordable art including paintings, photography, sculpture, and textiles. 

One alternative to the traditional and sometimes intimidating world of auction houses is the Affordable Art Fair (AAF) initiative. This is an international movement that was first launched in London in 1999, and now operates in 16 cities across the globe. 

The cities include Brussels, New York, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Singapore, Hong Kong, Melbourne and Sydney. Furthermore, Arts Hub reports that from next year, Brisbane in Australia will be joining the global brand. 

The AAF brand has been described as ‘revolutionising’ the art market, and helping to make it a more democratic place. The artworks on display have a price range from between £50 and £7,500, and they are all by living artists. So far, more than 568,000 original artworks have been sold around the world through AAFs.

In London, the next AAF will be held in Battersea Park on 6-10 March, followed by an event in Hampstead on 8-12 May 2024. Everyone is welcome to attend and view the artworks in a relaxed atmosphere, no matter what their background or level of knowledge. 

Regional Managing Director of the AFF Stephanie Kelly Gordine told Art Hub: “Nothing compares to seeing an artwork in person, falling in love with an artwork and being able to take it home with you that day. At the Affordable Art Fair, you can see thousands of artworks under one roof with a range of styles, prices and sizes.”

She added: “Online art is a great way to discover new galleries and their artists, and get a glimpse into an artist studio and how they make the art. As the Affordable Art Fair is only hosted over four days, we aim to provide a full art experience with something for everyone to enjoy with artists in action, large-scale sculptures and fun education activities.”

The AAF offers the chance for customers to pay for the artworks in instalments if preferred, so that they can spread the cost of a more expensive piece of art over a series of smaller payments. 

The AAFs are a brilliant way to discover up and coming artists before they move on to the bigger fairs and exhibitions. The art on display is carefully selected and curated by knowledgeable staff who will be on hand at the fairs to answer questions and help visitors understand more about the artworks and artists featured in the event. 

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