Top Tips For Acquiring Affordable Artwork For Your Home 2

Top Tips For Acquiring Affordable Artwork For Your Home

Top Tips For Acquiring Affordable Artwork For Your Home

The world of art can appear intimidating and exclusive, particularly if you have no specialist knowledge of art. However, art should be for everyone, and the right pieces can make a huge difference to the feel of your home or commercial space. Art brings life, interest, colour, energy and perspective to a room, and it can serve to elevate your mood or inspire creativity.

However, many people simply buy stock images from homeware stores or hang framed film posters on their walls rather than invest in a more interesting piece. 

Some people may assume that collecting ‘real’ art is just for multi-millionaires or investors, and this may be true at the very upper end of the spectrum, where work by Picasso or Van Gogh sells at auction for millions of pounds. However, there is a huge middle market of affordable artwork that receives much less attention. 

It is not even necessary to purchase an original piece of artwork, as most professional artists sell framed or unframed high-quality giclée prints or limited editions via their websites. These prints have fine details and vibrant colours, and it is well worth investing in the right frame to do them full justice. 

Starting off by buying prints from professional artists is a good way to develop your own taste without splashing out on an original piece, and it also helps to support the local art scene and allows emerging artists to get a foothold in the marketplace. 

Don’t worry too much about appearing knowledgeable about artwork if you feel that this is an area where you are lacking. Instead, simply choose pieces that you genuinely love and would be happy to see every day on your walls. Remember that there are no rules about what you should and shouldn’t like; it’s a personal and subjective choice.

You could also look out for events at your local gallery and exhibitions by local artists to start collecting smaller and more affordable original pieces of art. These events often feature talks by the artists themselves or local experts, so it can be worth attending to expand your knowledge and find out more about the arts scene in your area.

Most artists will be happy to be approached in person via social media if you are curious to find out more about their work and the motivations and stories behind it. This can help you develop your own taste and give you a more personal and deeper understanding of art, increasing your connection and enjoyment of it. 

 Another great way to acquire a more affordable piece of artwork is by attending end of term and graduate art fairs. These shows often feature high standard work by very talented up and coming artists that is more affordable than it otherwise would be. This helps to support new artists at the beginning of their careers, allowing them a vital financial lifeline.

You may even manage to bag an original piece that grows considerably in value over the years if the artist goes on to have a high profile career in the arts world. Not that this should be your motivation for acquiring art, however! 

As your confidence grows, you may want to consider attending auctions and estate sales, where you will have the opportunity to purchase artworks at a price that is often much lower than those sold in galleries or directly via websites. Read up about tips for attending auctions so that you can feel confident in making a bid.

You could even simply have a go at creating your own artworks. This doesn’t have to be a traditional painting; it could be a photograph, lino print, or mixed media college. Join a local art group that offers tutorials by professional artists and build up your confidence by taking part in their annual exhibition.

The Times reports that if you are really determined to invest in the higher end of the market, there is now an affordable way to do so. This is more of an investment rather than acquiring something tangible that you can frame and hang on the walls, however. 

For a minimum investment of 50 Euros, or £43, the Artemundi company offers the chance to own a fraction of work by some of the world’s most famous artists, including Picasso, Warhol, or Salvador Dali. The company focuses exclusively on 20th works that are in excellent condition and by artists that have a proven high market value.

However, if you have an entire work of your own to display, why not visit our framing shop in east London.