We work with our neighbours Printer of Dreams , who offer fine art, illustration and photographic giclée print services up to A1 in size, and with their studio being just down the road in Homerton we can manage everything for you from printing to finished frame.

If you require printing, just email us with any files and specs.


For any further advice please contact – [email protected]


Entry Level Paper
Xativa / Matt Coated / 230gsm / Neutral White
A paper for all round use, Xativa offers incredible value, giving excellent print quality and vivid colours. Brilliant for posters and DIY exhibition printing, this is our 2nd most used paper after Museum Etching.

A1 = £22
A2 = £11
A3 = £6
A4 = £3.50

Professional Range
Fotospeed Matt Ultra / Matt / 240gsm / Bright White
A smooth, bright white, middle weight paper with a matt finish. We changed back to this from the Studio Enhanced because it is slightly more heavyweight and an all-round better finish!

Hahnemühle Photo / High Gloss / 260gsm / Neutral White
An archival neutral white photographic paper with a bright full gloss finish.

Permajet Titanium / Lustre / 280gsm / White, with high silver pigment content
A unique silver based metallic paper from Permajet. This lustre paper resembles the look, feel and print quality of a metallic surface. Works extremely well with images that contain reflective metal surfaces such as chrome, silver, or even gold.

A1 = £30
A2 = £16
A3 = £8
A4 = £4.50

Hahnemühle Range
Hahnemühle Photo Rag / Pearl / 320gsm / Natural White
A smooth paper with uniform surface texture and a unique pearl coating. It is heavyweight and of archival / high exhibition quality. Especially suitable for photography and art reproduction with warm grey and colour tones.

Hahnemühle Museum Etching / Matt / 350gsm / Natural White
A heavyweight archival matt paper with a lovely texture, but not too textured so avoiding an overly crafty look. Our bestseller because everything printed on it looks great!

A1 = £38
A2 = £20
A3 = £11
A4 = £6